Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Before I Do Movie Premiere

Saturday, May 28, 2016
Plaza Theatre
Atlanta, Georgia

Yours Truly, #TheCurvyButterfli was there! 

Along with Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine Ceo, Lord Daze ( Left), and International Minds Ceo, Hursh D.( Right). 

Family, friends, and fans gathered together on one of the busiest weekends in Atlanta (Memorial Day Weekend) and on a Saturday night at the Plaza Theatre to watch the premiere of Filmmaker, Kimberly Conner's, Before I Do movie. 

I was about a hour late due to work and disrespectful traffic, so I missed the red carpet action. I arrived in the middle of the movie and was a tad bit confused at first because of all the oohs and ahhs every time this one guy appeared on the screen. In the end I learned that this particular guy was a male whorebag, lol, and was sleeping with half of the women in the movie.  

What I got from the movie (in summation) was a firefighter finding love, and his passion in life, while dealing with lots of women and possibly scars from the past; he eventually falls in love with his best friend ( a girl), who's also secretly in love with him, and calls off her wedding on her actual wedding day, which was how the movie ended. Talk about suspense!... I wanted to know what happened after that and so did the crowd. All of the OMG!!!, That's It!?!, and No, this cant be the end!, confirmed that I wasn't the only one who didn't want the movie to end. Perhaps there will be a part 2. I strongly feel there will be a part 2. 

SG Ceo, Lord Daze ( Left) and the Before I Do Filmmaker, Kimberly Conner (Right) chatting after the movie. 

A few pics with the cast.

(Left) Actor Harold Dennis.

(Right) Actress Danielle Ward ( the whorebag's best friend who called off her wedding). lol.

A few other actors/actresses who were in the movie, but did not make the Atlanta Premiere were: 

Omar Gooding

Andrea Kelly

Jenson Atwood

and more! 


Congrats to  Filmmaker Kimberly Conner ( pictured above) on her success!. 

... Chrisy Chris...

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