Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Varasano's Day Party w/ Atlanta Media Partners CEO

Sunday, May 22, 2016
Varasano's Pizzeria,
 Perimeter Mall, DunWoody, Georgia

So, this was an ALL DAY day party at a pizza spot from 12 pm - 2am. 

I got there around 7:30 p.m. and left around 12 a.m. I can not believe I stayed that long. But let me tell ya, that place was niiiice! I'm the type to stay 2 hours max so that says a lot about this spot. Or maybe it was the fact I was there to celebrate Aisha ( Atlanta Media Partners Ceo) birthday and got carried away. Either way I enjoyed myself. I had cheese pizza, hookah ( it was a tad bit too strong for me), sangria, champagne, and vodka. Now that I think about it maybe that was the reason I had so much fun. Lol. I was lit! 

Ok, I've never been to a pizza spot and given a massage INSIDE of the pizza spot. 

Wow! Basically @BlissfulPeace_massage came up to me ( in the restroom while I was primping in the mirror, lol) and asked me if I wanted a massage. She told me she would give me a complimentary massage for 5 minutes. So I was like ok, sure! All the while forgetting I had a dress on. Good thing my thighs scrub. lol. 

Blogger/Photographer Untamed Royalty came out and was my friend all night, even after Aisha left the party, lol.

 Me and Miss Royalty enjoyed drinks, pizza, and hookah all night. Look at my hair, lol. It got a little hot in there at one point, possibly from too many libations. 

My girl Nese B ( Owner of Pink Curvez) came out to party with me.

 Nese and I just like to dress up and look cute. While she's snap chatting I'm usually enjoying a nice libation because I don't snap chat and she doesn't drink. We have an understanding and fall into place! We're often one another's picture person when we go out. We usually take about 15 pictures each before we're satisfied, and we're so okay with that, lol. 

 Sidenote: It was a guy looking at us take pics; he eventually asked me why I take so many pictures. I told him it was a woman thing and I know how I want to look in the picture. He said something to me that really stood out, something I had been thinking a while. He said, " You're taking a lot of pictures trying to look cute for yourself when everyone else probably likes the ones you don't even like. You're too hard on yourself." I was like OMG, how true. I am the most self-conscious confident person you will ever meet. And it's true, the pictures I  swear are the bomb dot com are the one's people don't even like as much. But the one's i'm not too sure about people love. Interesting...! 

(Left) The birthday girl; Aisha, Atlanta Media Partners Ceo
(Right) Singer RL from the group Next. he's always so cool and has a gorgeous smile. He came out to celebrate as well. 

Whelp, that's all folks!

 I don't know about Aisha and RL, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 
I'll definitely be going back. 

...Chrisy Chris...

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