Tuesday, June 14, 2016

AAMBC Awards Mixer & Secrets The Movie Screening

Friday, June 03, 2016
at the Haven Lounge 
Atlanta, Georgia

It was my first time blogging a literary event; I must say, I enjoyed it!

And this time I actually wore stilettos to an event. I usually just go cute and comfy, but this time I decided to take a risk. You better believe my dogs were barking at the end of the night! lol, but I played it off. lol. Since it was a real chill event I was able to sneak a seat in here and there. I can usually stand up in heels for a few hours, but I was there from 5:30 to 10:15. Cuteness only lasts so long. lol.   

I really like the setup of the Haven Lounge.

 It reminds me of one of those spots where people do spoken word and poetry. Have you seen the movie Love Jones? That's what it reminds me of. But although it was a nice spot, it was hot in there!!! And no I can't blame it on the alcohol because I only had pineapple juice while I was there. Perhaps the heat came from the crowd; it was a very nice turnout. 

A few of the setups/author areas. 


 From romance novels to self help books.

Authors were there selling it all! I didn't purchase anything this time. Trust me when I tell you I have a stack of unread books on my shelf just waiting for me.

Food! Everyone loves food!

Guests were provided light refreshments. 

I'm sure this setup said AAMBC. I didn't even think of that when I took the picture. How creative! 

Tamika Newhouse, the founder of Litish and the AAMC Awards.

Tamika was so kind and friendly; most of all, she is definitely leading by example! She's an Author, Speaker, Visionary, Founder and Exec Director of AAMBC Awards, and Publisher, Lead Brand Manager, and Ceo of Delphine Publications. This lady has it going on!

The Men of Secret! 

Actors and cast of the secrets movie, Harold House Moore, Dennis White, and Deric Augustine, along with Executive Producer Tressa Azarel Smallwood had panel discussions with the crowd after guests were shown snippets of  Secrets The Movie

A photo of the crowd! 

I was truly surprised to see the mixture of people who attended; I didn't expect to see a lot of older people or males there, but it makes sense.

Secrets The Movie is one of those movies that will have you rethinking your life! lol.

Love, Sex, Betrayal, and more! 

( Left) Actors Harold House Moore and Dennis White.
(Right) Actor Deric Augustine

( Left) another picture of actor Dennis White.
(Right) another picture of actor Harold House Moore. 

My media partner for the night, Crystal D! Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger (Society of Harlow) and Curvy Model. 

Crystal and I are very familiar with one another. We've  modeled together several times for Pink Curvez Plustique. it was ironic that we ended up blogging this event together. It was fun showing her around, as this was her first event. I think she'll stick with it. She seemed to enjoy it. 

I must say, I had an amazing time! I wish I would have been able to attend the whole weekend, but blogger and model duties had me on lock for Saturday and Sunday. As for me, I am ready to see the entire Secrets the Movie

Thanks for tuning in! 

... Chrisy Chris...

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