Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Private Silent Auction and Gala

Thursday, June 02, 2016
Terminal West
 Atlanta, Georgia

I was very fortunate to have someone sponsor a ticket for me ($150.00 value)!!! 

I was blown away when I was told I was going, which was the day before the event, but I didn't complain; I just gathered my clothes together and prepared for a high class mingle.  As you can see, I did partake in a couple of libations, as they were unlimited and free! The food was pretty interesting. Everything was what I call "one bite", lol. I was expecting a full course meal for 150.00; I guess people who spend that kind of money on galas don't eat much, lol.

Terminal West.

It was a nice location. It was kind of hazy looking but I loved it! It was a mixed crowd ( race wise) and had a lot of older people there. I handed out a few business cards and partied quite well with the older folk! For some reason people just guess that I'm a model; I always find that interesting.  

There was live entertainment. 

And live food preparation. 

Pictured above was some kind of french toast that had pan seared fruit in it.  The french toast and the fruit stations actually gave us about 5 bites. lol. I ate more fruit then a little bit! The other things we had were salmon and veggies, beef and potatoes, shrimp and grits, tenderloin and kale, ginger shooters, and crab salad. I think I spent most of my time in line trying to develop a full meal, while sipping on my pineapple margaritas. The next time I attend a Gala I know to eat beforehand. I'm sure I was looking real greedy! lol. 

One of the auction tables. 

The shoes that you see belonged to the R&B Singer Usher, and were being auctioned for around 2,000 dollars.

I didn't see anything I wanted to bid on, so I just mingled, drank, and ate.

Usher's mom, Ms. Jonetta Patton was the special guest for the night. 

That was my second time meeting her. We talked about things that keep us humble and women empowerment. Ms. Patton told the audience how she plan's to give back to less fortunate women by donating time and money. I'm sure she convinced Usher to donate his shoes for the auction as well. Thanks Ms. Jonetta for being a pillar of the community. 

Overall, I truly enjoyed this beautiful experience and want to thank SB for allowing me to attend!

Thanks for reading!

... Chrisy Chris...


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