Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Grip Effect

Launched June 26, 2016 
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Hi family and friends! I am Chrisy Pritchard also known as Chrisy Chris, #TheCurvyButterfli. I am the proud founder/creator of The Grip Effect.:)

The Grip Effect is a movement that acknowledges and provides support to children who have parents that struggle with Alcohol and Drug addictions, with hopes to end the cycle of addiction and its relative struggles.

 My ultimate mission/vision is to "GRIP"

Give Children 
Relief, Support, and Love,
 In the midst of 
Parents with AOD (Alcohol and Other Drugs) Addictions...

 providing awareness, examples of success,  dedication  and Love


This journey and movement is very important to me, as I am the child of a mother who struggled with a drug addiction for over 20 years. Additionally I dedicated my entire college career to understand the process of  AOD addictions and how they affect families for my personal understanding, all-the-while my mother was in her addiction.

In June 2016 I noticed that I had over 110,000 followers who supported me as a Full-Figured model, a radio personality, an industry blogger, brand promoter and much more. However a small part of me felt like I needed to take that popularity and make a difference in someone else's life. As a result, The Grip Effect was birthed.

Initially I didn't completely feel I was best person to start #TheGripEffect, but I knew deep down inside I was relatively  qualified, as I was still dealing with emotions from the past that started as a child. I hope to make a difference in a child's life, as well as a family that cares for or is aware of children with this very same issue by creating a foundation that will allow this very thought to flourish to endless possibilities, in addition  to hosting  awareness and community events,  partnering with other relative agencies, and much more.

We are  currently looking for brand ambassadors, social service professionals, people of influence , people who aren't afraid to share their stories and testimonies, and most importantly support.

Please  like & share THE GRIP EFFECT Facebook Page:
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I want to thank you for ANY help/support that you can give towards this movement and welcome your ideas. Please email us at TheGripEffect@gmail.com.

TGE _ Chrisy

...Chrisy Chris... 

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