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Candlelight Vigil/Walk for Nicholas Telemaque in Brooklyn New York

July 04, 2016
Flatbush, ( Brooklyn) New York
Commemorating the life of +Zyoness TheModel  Brother, Nicholas Telemaque

If you saw my previous post you will know that I was in New York a day or so before this day and was happy to add Brooklyn on my tourist list. I just hate I had to go to a walk/candlelight vigil instead of a celebration for Nicholas. 

I never got the chance to meet Nicholas but he lives through my dear friend Zyoness everyday. She's always so loving and protective of me. It hurts my heart to know that someone took her brother away from her ( murdered him) on the 4th of July five years ago. To this day, no one has been arrested for the murder. It's so hard for me to write this post considering all of the murder that has been happening within the last past week.  My heart is so heavy right now....

Nicholas could have been my brother...

 At the walk I grieved like I actually met Nicholas before. One of the things I'm not sure I like about myself yet is the ability to feel other peoples pain. Trust me, I felt it, especially when Zyoness grabbed and clenched my hand as we got closer to the street where Nicholas was murdered. I wanted to burst into tears, but since she was being so strong I cried inside...

 We marched from a point near Nicholas's home/mother's house to E.52nd St. and Farragut Road, which is about 5 blocks from where Nicholas lived;he was only 5 blocks from home :(

More Info about the shooting below. 

Nicholas was the cousin of Nicki Minaj. Have you heard the song Champion? It was dedicated to Nicholas. 

Rest in Peace Nicholas Telemaque. 

Before we left for the walk @venormusic and @tatiana_anastassia blessed us with soulful melodies, followed by a heart-to-heart from the founder of @laythegunsdownnow

Zyoness ( Nicholas's Sister), Daze ( Owner of Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine),the founder of Lay The Guns Down, the musicians, and a community activist. 

Daze was ready for whatever. Shoutout to Daze and Scrilla Guerillaz magazine for helping me help my friend! I will always remember this moment. 

We had the courtesy of having an escort control traffic for us during the walk, while the founder of Lay The Guns Down was on the loud speaker shouting for answers. 

The family needs answers! Who murdered Nicholas Telemaque and why? 

Shortly after we arrived to the actual spot where Nicholas was killed, which was right by the fire hydrant. I was actually mad those boxes were there. 

Do you see that little girl in the white with the beads? That's my new niece. I'll tell you about her later in the post :)

Family/friends and local community supporters. 

Blue was Nicholas's favorite color. 
We all released a blue balloon for him, followed by the candlelight vigil. 

All of us lit a candle, prayed, and set them in the place where Nicholas was murdered.


It was so hard for me to watch my friend Zyoness set her candle down. OMG, she tried to be so strong, but I could feel her pain. 

Zyoness and her mother ( right), thinking about Nicholas. 

I wanted to say " Don't cry Zy", but I knew she needed to release that pain. 

One thing that made Zyoness happy was to see her mother present at the location where Nicholas was murdered for the very first time. When Zyoness whispered that to me I cried. 

After it was all done, we took pictures and walked back to the house for a family gathering. 

(Left) performers @venormusic and @tatiana_anastassia 

( Right) the founder of @laythegunsdownnow

I will always remember that block ( Zyoness asked me not to forget it, so I took a pic on it) and my time in New York with Daze (SG Magazine).

While walking back to the family's house I noticed Nicholas's best friend and his sister Zyoness sharing a moment. 

When we made it back to the house it was party time! Food, Carribean music, and quality time. They even had a DJ!

Sitting on the porch eating. Zyoness caught me feeding my face. lol.

Sigh.... ( Writing with Real Tears)

My friend Zyoness really let me into her world and shared an unforgettable moment with me.

 Over the past few months Zyoness and I have gotten really close. I see now, our bond is beyond modeling together and spicing up events with curves. This lady is actually like a big sister and a role model to me! Although I will never be able to fill the shoes of Nicholas I'll do my best to be the best friend and adopted sister I can be to her! 

Funny Moment: While walking to the spot Nicholas was murdered her daughter said to me " Ms. Chrisy, are you my Auntie?", I said " I can be, is that what you want?", she said " Yes, will you be my Auntie?", I said "Sure, I guess I'm your auntie now." Then she said " Well, can I have a sleep over at your house?" I laughed and hugged her and told her we would work that out....  I meant that! I owe her a sleepover. 

New York, New York, New York... So many memories!  I loved it! 
Definitely an eye opener in many aspects! 

Please stop killing each other! I would go on and on about gun violence, but this is not the post for that. 

Rest in Peace Nicholas Telemaque. 

May peace be with your family, our family...
 ( smile from heaven, I"m your new sister, your niece claimed it!)

Thank you to all who follow my journey!


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