Thursday, July 28, 2016

Chrisy the Actress! Mike Bend Show

Saturday, July 23, 2016
Valley, Alabama
Langdale Auditorium

I was very fortunate for the opportunity to come back on the show, and just 2 weeks before show time! 

For those who don't know, I was on the Mike Bend Show last year in June 2015 when he was doing shows at the Porter Sanford Center. My main character has always been "Hambone" the main girl for Suga Dick Rickey's club, who happens to be thick like a Hambone :) I also do other skits as well, but Hambone is all me! 

Check out Me and Mike Bend on the bus. 


Again, I was super excited to get that call from Mike Bend inviting me back to the show. I was even more excited when he told me we would be hitting the road. 

Fun Fact: I LOVE road trips!

 He also asked me why I only did one show last year, and honestly I don't know why I dropped off because I thoroughly enjoyed it! I just hope my schedule allows me to come back on full throttle this time. 

Pictured with Actor/Comedian Rob Monford. Rob recently filmed with the TV Show, Fatal Attraction. Rob and I took those pics at our meet-up location in Atlanta before we all hit the road on the Mike Bend Charter Bus. 

On the bus with Actress Elizabeth "Liz" Cooper before we left Atlanta. Liz is so funny! She plays her parts so well, when I first met her I thought that's how she naturally was. 

Shortly after we arrived to Valley Alabama! 

KB smiling as usual, and Rob and Liz scoping out the scene. 

Mike Bend checking out the stage and set-up. 

Inside of the auditorium.

Taking selfies while rehearsing :)

(Left) Actress Osunjii
(Right) Actor Boulevard


My other cast mates Toya and Boulevard.

We ate, got dressed, laughed and joked right in that space!

We ate good!

This picture was after I got dressed for my first scene " The Workout Scene" as Thickums.

Liz and KB before their scene, eating and being their usual funny selves. 

Right before we started the show!

 I killed my first scene. When I came out in that leotard the crowd let out a little wow sound. I was like ok, Thank you for the fuel! lol.

Me in Hambone mode with other cast mates. 

I just love Nakia. She is so funny!

Toya the Actress, in her "Juicy" character. 

Someone from the audience snapped a quick pic of me on stage as Hambone! I love it. 

The show went well! It was fun and funny!

After the show we did curtain call, took pics then headed back to Atlanta!

The Valley, Alabama Mike Bend cast! 

Thanks for tuning in!


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