Thursday, July 7, 2016

Chrisy Goes to NY w/ Scrilla Guerillaz!

July 2-July 5, 2016

Manhattan, Harlem, The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Trenton/Yardville New Jersey! 

Actually took this picture in Times Square while being a real tourist!

I bought an I Love New York  t-shirt and that blinged out hat! 

So, Manhattan was the first place we stopped. 

After driving 14 plus hours I started taking pictures of everything I saw! lol. Even captured a little bit of a medical scene by accident on one picture. 
By the time we made it into the city we were starving. Daze, the owner of Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine ate Halal food, while Sonura ( SG PR) and I ate Dominican food. I had fried chicken chunks and unripe plantains that tasted like french fries. The Halal food wasn't really appealing to me. Especially since it was at a hood corner store, and they had to microwave it to serve it. Um, no! 

Basically I was trying to capture the building and a little bit of the city scene, but somehow I caught a medical scene. I just hope that person survived. 

Our first hotel was a bit hood, but so New York! Daze didn't pre-book the hotel so we ended up here ( long story). Even though it was what it was, I kind of enjoyed it being different from the norm. But you better believe I did NOT sleep under those covers and acted like a complete germaphobe the entire time. lol.

Sonura ( right) and I had just enough time to get ready for the SG Boat Party. We took a few pics while waiting to board the boat. 

Before we walked up to the dock... I chilled out and took a pic. 


Pier 40 Hudson River Park

Waiting on the dock to board the boat. We were there almost 2 hours early. Ugggh. 

Finally boarded the boat! Shay Johnson, Daze, and I.

OMG, the boat took us by the Statue of Liberty a few times... and I got my picture with it!!! 
The food was actually good too. I hulk smashed that plate! lol.

Sunday: Pitstopped in Harlem and The Bronx! 


Got me a Spanish Icy thing from Harlem on 125th street. Then went to Jimbos in the Bronx.

That Icy thing almost made me fall in love with the owner! Breakfast was good too. 

The Bronx baby!

Headed back to Manhattan after that to visit Times Square.  

Times Square.

I loved Times Square. I didn't want to leave. But since I had to, I took pictures like a tourist. 

I love New York!


Of course the characters were there!

Even found a little bit of the South in New York! You know I loved that, considering the fact that BB King's Blues club originated from my hometown ( Memphis, TN).

Yeeey, BB Kings! 

Ok, after we left Times Square we had to head to The Bronx to get the car fixed. We had something weird happen but the Dominican in The Bronx hooked us up! Didn't get any pictures there... Let's just say we were in the hood/projects. I wasn't even scared. I loved seeing the different cultures and lifestyles. I really liked when the Dominicans called me "Mami" and asked me if I was an American... lol.. I ate Chinese rice and walked the blocks with the crew to the store and all.

After the car was fixed we headed to New Jersey.  

Trenton, New Jersey

So, we got to Trenton, New Jersey a little too late. We missed the BBQ's so we tried to go to a bar but they were dead and were closing early due to no customers. So, Daze and I went to a hot wing spot and got takeout. It was terrible! 

But,our hotel was everything. 

Yardville, New Jersey

Ok, Sonura didn't go with us to get wings because she was in love with the hotel. OMG that hotel was a Residence Hotel by the Marriott. It was everything and more!!!...  Daze dropped me off at the hotel and then went to his in-laws house. Sonura was sleep when I got back... I'm not sure if I was having a moment or not because I couldn't figure out how to get the lights to work ( ended up being a crazy thing with a master light switch). So, the picture above is me calling the front desk ( they didn't answer). 

But since our next step was Brooklyn, I posted and told whoever that wanted to meet me to come to my friend +Zyoness TheModel candlelight vigil and walk for her deceased brother.

In the car on the way to Brooklyn...

The SG Activites were Amazing and Fun! But the Brooklyn Walk and Candlelight Vigil was enlightening and heart wrenching.

Make sure you check that post out too.  



  1. Dam tho you look good in that black outfit on the boat. So friggin sexy. I am officially offering my services to eat ur p*ssy any time u require. Jus let me know x x x ;) ;)