Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Modeling in @GcEternal Video Shoot!

Sunday, July 17, 2016
Studio Space Atlanta
Doraville, Georgia

I guess somebody finally told GC to put me in his video because Sunday, July 17, 2016 he did just that!  

Long story short, check out my blog post from December 2015. 

I literally talked about GC putting my dump truck ( a woman with a nice butt) in his next video. Who knew he was going to re-record the video  and hit me up to be in it!!!! When he text me and asked me to be in his next video that would be shot in Atlanta I was taken by surprise, and didn't even know what the song was it was for.  But you better believe I said yes! When I got to the studio and he told me what song it was I wanted to screeeeeam!  I loooved that song then, and love it even more now! 

I was like Wow God, I see you working :)

I wasn't the only model present. There were other video models on set too. I was paying close attention so that I can add "Curvy Video Girl"  to the resume!  Runway and photo-shoot's are cool, but this was different; if you truly follow my journey you would that I'm truly working on being multi-faceted! 

I admit, It was a bit challenging for me considering the fact that I'm not the dancing type, but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve that I pull out here and there. lol.

Check me out... 

I thought I was doing something. lol. From me to you: I was sooooo nervous. But as usual, I put all of that to the side and did what I came to do! Long story short #CurvyGirlsMatterToo

Caught Memphis's own Nakia Shine, GC Eternal, and TreV lounging around before the next scene. 


I was very happy to see Kinfolk Kia Shine @kinfolk_kiashine come through the door to hangout, along with a few other people from Memphis that I went to high school with.
 It literally felt like Memphis in Atlanta for a few hours! 


GC (Left) has such an infectious smile and personality!  He showed me so much love! 

Tre V (Right) was my dope camera guy ( I find a camera person wherever I go, lol), but in reality he was on the hook of the Dump truck song 6 years ago, and Is also on the hook of the new remixed one.
 I love me some Memphis! We're some unique people ( If you ask me), lol. 

Muthaland Ent in the house! FYI, you will see me rocking my Muthaland Ent shirt real soon. 

I always tell people how personality goes a long way! 

You never know when your next blessing, or the next step to your blessing is coming and who it's coming from. This experience took me by surprise! Now, I have been asked to be in other videos several times before, but the time did not present itself in my favor. This one was the right time, with the right people, so I know it happened the way it was supposed to.

Let's just hope the Director is a fan of Curvy Plus Girls and doesn't edit me out. lol ( If he does I have proof I was there) . I'll most definitively keep y'all updated on when and where it drops. 

Follow GC Eternal and Muthaland Ent: 

Instagram: @GCEternal 
You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCneA2FJAxvhgOTWpyDUMIEg

As always, thank you for following my journey!


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