Saturday, July 16, 2016

We Are In VIP Show Taping w/Drekia

Thursday, July 14, 2016
Mint Ultra Lounge
Atlanta, Georgia

The show started at 10 pm, but unfortunately I didn't get there until 11:15 due to a previous event. Ugggh, hate I missed it! I missed recording artist and actor @calicojonez and director, producer, writer, actor, and more @mann_are. 

However, I did get there in time to hear the special guest, Drekia, from Oxygen's TV show Like A Boss interview with @nefertiti2u.

As soon as I got there @1mspeachatl took me right over to the section to sit with one of my favs, Mama Cash ( artist Cash Out's mother)!


I haven't seen the show yet. but after meeting Drekia I'm definitely going to check it!

 Drekia reminds me of one of those cousin's who just says anything, lol! The one who keeps it real at all times. The type that has no filter! Funny, raw, and real!

Like a Boss!

Hosts @Carrieqtent, @blondi404, and @nefertiti2u, with Mama Cash, Drekia, and more! 

Muva! I love when I run into Mama Cash. 

She always greets me with a hug, and she's always fly! 


Everyone loves Mama Cash! 

More pics from industry professionals and more! 

With model/actress Kenyatta! 

Awww, she wanted a picture with #TheCurvyButterfli :)

Mint Ultra Lounge! 

Mint was the first hookah spot I visited when I first moved to Atlanta.
I loved it; had never smoked hookah before!

My girl +Zyoness TheModel  was my partner for the night. As usual :)

Special thank you to @1mspeachatl (left) and @ nefertiti2u (right) for showing me love from the very first time I met them! 

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...Chrisy Chris...

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