Friday, July 1, 2016

We Are In VIP Taping w/Erica Dixon

Thursday, June 30, 2016
Mint Ultra Lounge
Atlanta, Georgia

I met the co host ( Peaches) of the We Are In Vip Show a couple of weeks ago at an event and told her I would come to one of their tapings.

 ...It feels good to be remembered! ...she found me on Instagram and invited me to last night's show.  Oh boy! I am sooo glad I went to this one. I left there feeling encouraged and inspired. 

The first  person interviewed was their "Bossman of the Week" ( Antoniyo) who's not present in the picture, but makes custom handbags and is a Bedroom Kandi Consultant.

I loved his explanation of the products. 

Next up was Velshee ( Left) a local lingerie supplier, interviewed by another one of the show's co-hosts, Sweets.

Velshee had a few models come out in the product but none were plus size :( I was hoping to see at least one Meaty mama! Maybe next time...

(Left) Host Nefertiti2U 

( Right) Ms. Desire ( A retired Adult Entertainer and the Author of The Sex Counselor) with co-host Miss Peach Atl. 

Ms.Desire was so raw and real in here delivery! I enjoyed hearing about her journey. 

The highlight of the night!

 Host Nefertiti2U (Left) interviewing Ms. Erica Dixon ( Mother, Fashion Designer, Author, and  former LHHATL Star, who's also the mother to Lil Scrappy's beautiful daughter, Emani. 

Me talking to Erica Dixon about our similar struggles. 

Both of us had mother's who were addicted to drugs during our childhood. Hearing her story brought more life to me! 

I'm the type to TRULY be inspired by someone who has flourished from a similar struggle. @msericadixon truly inspired me and gave me the extra confidence I needed to continue my new journey with @thegripeffect

The Grip Effect needs someone like her!  Fingers Crossed! 

After our talk! Good thing we don't look like what we've been through.

Before we left Erica Dixon and I got a picture of us standing ( left).

Now, on the right is when I met Erica Dixon's mother, Ms. Mignon Dixon, at a Powershoot back in January of this year. ( how ironic). Both Erica and her Mother were so easy to be around! Ms. Mignon is looking good! Shoutout to my mother Ms. Parker, who's a clean woman as well! The road to recovery is a beautiful thing! Trust me... I work with women in recovery everyday ( full-time job) and have witnessed my own mother's journey! 

Plus Model Tisa-Ege was also in the building.

Tisa was like a model mentor to me at Tammy D. Miss Fat, Fat Fashion Show, back in December 2014. I really didn't know a damn thing about walking a runway. I just had a model look and was given the opportunity. 

Big ups to these lovely hosts! 

The We Are In Vip Show was great! I can see myself attending many more. Oh, I forgot to mention these ladies will have their show aired by Comcast. I don't know the details to that. Make sure you follow the show's Instagram @weareinvip for updates

Thanks for stopping by! 


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