Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What are you working on?

 I'm working on @thegripeffect.

I am the PROUD Founder of The Grip Effect.
 ... Hopefully my truth will inspire and make a difference!.. life beyond curves!...

The Grip Effect is a movement that acknowledges and provides support to children who have parents that struggle with Alcohol and Drug addictions, with hopes to end the cycle of addiction and its relative struggles.

 My ultimate mission/vision is to "GRIP"

Give Children 
Relief, Support, and Love,
 In the midst of 
Parents with AOD (Alcohol and Other Drugs) Addictions...

 providing awareness, examples of success,  dedication  and Love


Although I am the founder I need a support team!!! 

We are currently looking for brand ambassadors, social service professionals, people of influence, people who aren't afraid to share their stories and testimonies, and most importantly support.

My goal is to start with community awareness events and eventually develop into an organization or foundation.

Instagram: @TheGripEffect
Facebook: The Grip Effect 

Thank you for following my journey! 

...Chrisy Chris...

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