Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Kurve Doll'n at Miss Diva Kurves Anniversary/Pool Party

Saturday, August 27, 2016
Atlanta, Georgia
Aspire at Lenox Park

About a week before the party Miss Diva Kurves contacted me and asked me to join her 2 year Diva Kurves Collection anniversary celebration/ pool party.

 I admit, I was nervous ( as usual) to model swimwear, but I was like oh well, and accepted the offer! Besides, I modeled swimwear at a fashion show a couple of months ago. These #TurkeyLegsHamThighs are no longer a secret, lol! 

This pink sexy thing was my skin for the day and I loved it!  Most of the day I wore my cover-up. I took my cover up off to take pictures and for the fashion show.

By the time the fashion show came and I took my cover-up off, I was feeling nice ( courtesy of the mixed drinks, lol). The food an drinks were amazing. I ate and drank so much that I was having a hard time holding my stomach in. Whenever I eat, my stomach swells immediately! My greedy a$$ just couldn't wait until the party was over to indulge, I had to have all of the treats and sweets right then! 

Us! The Kurve Dolls! 

Bertina, Purple Hair Plus Model, Telethia, and Your's Truly!

First picture I took was with this fella! It's nice to meet cool people from social media!

Ok, let me stop right here! I damaged my phone 2 weeks ago by sitting it in a cup of liquor  (lol), so I kept my phone away from the pool and the water most of the day. Therefore, most of the pictures you see weren't taken by me, and were pictures collected from people at the event. 


(Left) Tashmere, The Diva Kurves Collection Coordinator.
(Right) SheThoro, a Blogger and more. 

(Left) Bertina, MUA and Model.

(Right) Courtney, The Purple Hair Plus Model.

Pictured with TheDonFit

Okay, this picture was taken after the fashion show. Ok, there's glitter on my nose. Clearly, I'm not a MUA, but I sure tried to achieve the "preferred looks" sent out on my own, lol, because I came straight from work and didn't have time to get it done by a professional. Needless to say, by the end of the night, or probably mid-day, that glitter looked a hot mess! lol. I don't know if it was because of the sun, my amateur make-up skills, or a combination of both. Just know, I'm not a make-up kind of girl and I'm just getting started. lol. By 2017 I should be moderate with it. lol.

Rocking matching swimwear with Model/Designer Miss Diva Kurves, of The Diva Kurves Collection, and the host of the night.


Full picture of us!

The lighting wasn't that good, so I tried to clean it up with a filter....

It was hard for the person to take the picture due to people crowding around us, and us trying to hurry for her toast off.  I think that was her first time taking her cover-up off, so people were so happy to see and were all around. 

Right after the event was over, and all was well, the models hopped in the pool! I didn't go under water ( was too tipsy, didn't want to get my hair wet, and planned to go to the after party), so I just  decided to Swim Thick! lol 

Needless to say, I was lit when I left and super tired and didn't make it to the after party :(

I thoroughly enjoyed myself!!!

 From the sexy male models, to the confident plus size princesses, all the way to the food, drinks, and awesome pool! So grateful for the opportunity. 

I love my swimwear ( that I got to keep) and will be Swimming Thick again real soon! 

Don't forget to check out The Diva Kurves Collection.

As always, thanks for the support! 

...Chrisy Chris...


  1. Interesting... One thing for sure Chrisy you looked great throughout the party.

  2. Wow U look amazing and so does Telethia in her pink bikini. U look gorgeous together. U are both so sexy I could go all night with both of you. I would like to have you on top riding me with her sitting on my face while I eat her out. Or u could swap around I really don't mind whos p*ssy I have in my mouth. x x ;)