Tuesday, August 9, 2016

LHHATL Karen King Taping/ Artist Showcase

Monday, August 8, 2016
Liquid Lounge
Atlanta, Georgia

I showed up in my Fashionable Addictions Infinity/Convertible Dress that I absolutely love! 

Ok, so, about last night! Karen King was filming for her new talk show.  I'm not sure if it will be aired on VH1 or not, but I tell you one thing, It is going to be raw, real, and real funny, lol. It wasn't scripted so you can only imagine how KK ( Karen King) went in! Cussing, drinks, and laughs the entire time.

 KK also introduced the models for her upcoming fashion show that's later this week, on August 13. My friend Zyoness is in the show and is the ONLY Plus Model out of 40+ models! Go Zyoness! I keep telling y'all plus size is on the rise!... I guess I'll have to watch the fashion show when it airs on LHHATL because I won't be in town for it :( 

(Middle) My girl @RobinDyke from Bravo TV always takes care of me at any event! Heeey Robin! 

(Right) @SytonniaLive, Multimedia Broadcaster. Ok, So, I met Sytonnia outside while parking. Both of us were worried about our cars being in a safe spot. Unbeknownst to me, we would be cool all night!

(Second Pic) @aliepson,Internatiional Runway model. We talked about working together in the future, as I need her story and support for my new campaign, @thegripeffect

Pics of the live taping, while KK was interviewing the beautiful Tammy Rivera. 

KK's son, LHHATL @sas_nbl and model SheenAJ.

LHHATL, and Waka Flocka's wife Tammy Rivera!

 I think it's safe to say they're still together or at least trying to make things work! I'm almost certain it is a real challenge to be in a relationship when your'e in the entertainment industry, 

The worlds most known twerker,@ihateghettobarbie

With over 1 million fans, she's still down to earth and a real cool chick every time I see her. I met her when I interviewed her at Highly Unique radio station for Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine Live. People can say what they want, but $200 a minute to twerk on a homemade video sounds like my next profession. lol.  Just kidding. Makes me want to change professions though. lol. 

Robin Dyke, Karen King, and Sytonnia. 

Karen King getting a handful of Ghetto Barbie and @AgeNoFactor, lol. KK is so funny to me! 

I truly enjoyed @agenofactor fashion show last Sunday that raised awareness about Domestic Violence. 

Us! Karen King and her model, and my friend, Zyoness. 

After the taping was the artist showcase, but, after we took this pic I left!  4 hours in a hot club was enough for me and my hair! 

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