Friday, September 30, 2016

Kontrol Mag: Women of Style Power Dinner

Thursday, September 29, 2016
Suite Lounge
Atlanta, Georgia

Last night Atlanta's own Kontrol Magazine held a Women of Style Power Dinner  for women on the move in the fashion and beauty industry, while honoring Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas from the 90's R&B group TLC  as their influential and outstanding woman of the night!

 It was a very private (invite-only) and intimate event. 

I've gone to quite a few events at Suite Lounge ( don't forget to check out those posts) yet this one was very different. Perhaps that's why it was invite only! It wasn't overly crowded and I actually saw some new media faces and definitely some very influential women! I'm talking members of 702, SWV, Destiny's Child and more!

(Left) Twinning :) with Le Lee @therealleleeswv from the 90's R&B group SWV. First time meeting her, but she was super cool, especially when she realized we both had red hair ;)

(Right) The very friendly @iamlatavia an original member of the 90's R&B group Destiny's Child.

Looks like I'm not the only one who likes black clothes and red lipstick ;)

(Left) Singer Meelah @itsmeelah from the 90's R&B group #702.

(Right) R&B Singer Dondria @dondrianicole

It's always good to see Traci Steele (middle). She came up to me and was like I see you everywhere! I'm not sure if that's good or not, lol, (I've met her three times) but good thing she remembers me! I still remember when she first met me and asked me if I was single. When I told her I was she was like you cant be, you can't be! lol. Traci Steele is the best!

(Right) a dope Plus Size Advocate, Host, Brand Ambassador, Radio Personality, Blogger, Actress , Founder of The Grip Effect, and more by the name of YOUR'S TRULY :) If you've been following my journey you may remember me #BloggingInBlack for almost a year now. Black is my unofficial, yet official Blogger's uniform! October 2016 will make 1 year for me! 

Free is for me! 

Attendees were given complimentary Effen Vodka. Now, I'm not a vodka girl, but hey, it was free, and part of the experience! The best thing about blogging is the experience! So, Effen Vodka and Pineapple/Orange juice was my friend for the night, considering the fact I did not have my media partner because I couldn't do a plus one for this event. My friend told me I was lame because I only had 2 drinks... Hey, safety first! 

Dessert! It looked pretty good. Unfortunately I didn't try any because the dinner was still going on when I left, and I'm not exactly sure who the dessert was for. In order to actually participate in the dinner you had to have a special wristband. It's funny because a lady walked up to me twice thinking I was part of the dinner crew. Must be God telling me something.... Humble beginnings!...


Gift bags. Again, I'm not sure who those were for because I left before they were handed out.

The dinner table was nice and elegant. 

The table had pictures of Chilli spread throughout the table. She's a very pretty and petite lady! 

(Left) Chilli with a staff of hers.

(Right) Chilli and the owner of Kontrol Magazine after he gave his speech.

I love this picture, although I look like an amazon over Chilli! She was so friendly! 

One of my followers found this picture of me and Chilli on the Wire Image website. Omg! One of my thighs is the size of Chilli's whole body :( Oh well, that comes with the territory! So for now, I'll take what I have!

Thanks for stopping by!

...Chrisy Chris...


  1. Lovely pics as usual Chrisy...

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