Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Published Again!

Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine 
Issue 16
Candlelight Vigil/Walk in Brooklyn, New York for Nicholas Telemaque

Time surely fly's when your're having fun! I have been working here and there ( something like a contractor) with Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine and Entertainment for almost 1 year now! I still remember my very first event because I broke my phone there :( Of course I wasn't happy about that, but I ending up connecting with a group of people that I can have fun with, and at the same time BE MYSELF, and see another side of the entertainment business with. 

Since then, I've gone to countless events in Atlanta, South Carolina, and different boroughs in New York that I may not have been able to achieve had I just stayed a solo blogger. Thank you Daze/Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine! I'm having so much fun! 

Not sure if you know or remember but my first published article was about a LHHATL event in Atlanta. I was so excited when I actually saw my blog condensed and published in a magazine!!! Look at me now, second time around! :) As usual, I'm forever grateful! This blogging thing is pretty cool after all ( at times, lol). 

My second published blog/event ( magazine article shown above) happened when I went to Brooklyn, New York on the 4th of July this year. I wrote a whole article/post about that so I'm not going into details. See below :)

Just know that I support those who support me, and I'm always looking to expand my network!

When I took this picture in Brooklyn with Zyoness I had no idea Daze would want to publish my blog post! Big Shoutout to Daze, ( The Owner of SG Magazine) for blessing me and for actually taking me to New York with him and his crew! 

Funny thing is though, although that was my first time in New York (I most definitely want to go back) I found out most of my followers are in New York ( on Instagram) !!!! Wow!  I loooooved New York, and apparently New York loves this southern Memphis, Tennessee girl! Time for another road trip! 

Again,Thanks For Stopping By! 

...Chrisy Chris...

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