Sunday, September 11, 2016

Women of Bad Boy Brunch

Thursday, September 8, 2016
Marietta's New Theater
Marietta, Georgia

It was kind of awkward blogging this event because I hadn't stepped into the role of a blogger in a while, but I made it through! I did red carpet media which is another thing that felt awkward because I rarely do that as a blogger. However, this event was pretty cool!

Aisha (Atlanta Media Partners CEO) and Faith Evans.


R&B Singer Faith Evans and R&B group Total. I truly miss that awesome 90's music!

Kima, Kiesha, and Pam!


Nikki Nicole and Sina. 

Shay Johnson and Aisha.

Aisha and the creator of the Women of Bad Boy Brunch Tour.


Music Manager Melinda Santiago and Mama Cash. 

Sponsored by Olive Oil Root Simulator. 


R&B Singer Bobby Valentino and DJ Traci Steele.


Chef Willie Wallace and Wanda the Hollywood Hunter.

Melinda Santiago and more on stage talking about their experiences as women in the entertainment industry. From what I hear and have experienced as well, its tough!

Crowd view.

Kelly Price, Keke Wyatt, Nicci Gilbert, Total, and Faith Evans at the same damn time!
Pure women empowerment!!!
 Pam and Kelly Price had everyone in tears with their life testimonies, but each and every woman had something influential to say. 

Stevie J. and Keke Wyatt.

Comedian Teresa Topnotch and Nicci Gilbert ( from the R&B Group Brownstone).

My partner Zyoness always comes through! She's an awesome media partner. 
she makes it so much easier. 

That's all folks! Thanks for stopping by! 

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...Chrisy Chris...

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  1. You look fabulous Chrisy ❤ looks like you guys had a wonderful time. #BadBoy4eva