Friday, October 21, 2016

I Was A Special Guest! Ice Bar Wednesdays

Wednesday, October 19,2016
Ice Bar
Southside Atlanta

I was invited by LKelz for a double event!
 It was LKelz birthday, as well as a meet and greet for his recording artist, King J Harden. I really liked the venue! It was spacious and had a nice little  pool table area. It's definitely one of those hidden treasures on the Southside of Atlanta. We basically ate, mingled, and enjoyed good music. Check out some of the pics below. 

My Girl Tammy with Curves In the Streets came out to support me!
Shoutout to all of my supporters and admirers who also came out.

Me and Kelz! The guy who brought me out!
 I look forward to working with him more. He always shows me that down south Mississippi love! 

Music artist King J Harden. 
I met him a few months back when LKelz ( his manager) invited me out to one of his events. He's a real chill guy, and from what I understand he has been in the music industry a while now.
Make sure y'all check him out. Just google him :)

...Chrisy Chris...

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