Tuesday, October 25, 2016

TigerTown: In Auburn Alabama

October 22-24, 2016

I was a true country girl for the weekend!  I was dressed in my Auburn gear and everything  (first thing we did when I arrived was went to the Auburn Mall and got me an Auburn shirt and scarf, pictured above). It was a little weekend getaway that a good friend invited me to. I'm so glad I went! It kind of took me back to my college girl days. Yes I went to college and got 2 degrees! :) 

Pumpkins and Brunch

Saturday afternoon we ate brunch at Acre Restaurant, an upscale southern restaurant just minutes away from Auburn's historic area. It was pretty good! What I enjoyed the most was seeing the Auburn fans, both young and old. Those fans were dressed up hours before the game and hanging out everywhere. It's like every time I turned around I saw Orange and Blue! I loved every second of it. 

Game Time!

We ended up finding free parking but that walk to the stadium and the stadium politics was no joke! Unbeknownst to me, Auburn has a "clear bag" policy at their games. I got all the way to the game with a cute little backpack that I used to use when I was riding motorcycles almost 7 years ago with my blanket and little clutch in it, but was turned around QUICK!
 Security had me go stand in a line to check my bag in, and store it in a campus trailer, in exchange for a clear ziploc bag. That was okay because I just put my little nothings in the Ziploc bag and held my blanket.The bad part was that I missed the very beginning of the game where the eagle flies around the stadium just before the game starts. I had to you tube it :( 
And oh my gosh, once we finally got in the game we walked up a looooong ramp to get to our seats, and because we had margaritas earlier I started feeling a little nauseous with all of that walking up. We literally walked up a spiral ramp that seemed like it was half-a-mile long, going up!  

(Left) I had to stop in the middle of the spiral walk and take a pic! 
(Right) When I finally got to my seat and the sun began to set. 

Ok, Auburn won the game against Arkansas!  We didn't even stay for the whole game. We left at halftime because the score was 28-0. We ended up going to Toomer's Corner to eat pizza and hangout. It was pretty cool because after we ate I started seeing people throwing tissue everywhere. I got so excited as my friend told me that when Auburn wins fans get to "roll the trees". I rushed over there and got all in the mix.

On Toomer's Corner!  I played in the tissue like it was snow! 

It was so amazing to see families and people of all ages throwing tissue everywhere! lol. I enjoyed that so much! After that we took it in for the night. 

Sunday afternoon we went to the historic Tiger town and enjoyed a Venti Starbucks Frappuccino and some sun!  Later that night we went to Red Lobster and got us a Lobsterita and some endless shrimp. After that we were stuffed and I was all partied out. I headed back to Atl Monday morning and went straight to the nail shop! Me and loose nails do not get along.

Auburn was super fun!

 I would love to attend another game. Shoutout to this guy, for bringing out the fun country girl in me! Bama boys are so fun! As you can see he likes to vape, I should have included the vape in the blog because he loves that thing! 

I plan to start traveling more, so be on the lookout for me! The next stop is Memphis and after that Houston Texas!

Stay Tuned! 

... Chrisy Chris...

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