Thursday, November 17, 2016

Botanical Gardens Atlanta ( Late Post)

The Simple Things In Life 
November 6, 2016
 Atlanta, Georgia

"Little things seem nothing, but they give peace, like those meadow flowers which individually seem odorless but all together perfume the air."

- Georges Bernanos

Everyone does not deserve to be in your life or your circle.  Keep them out!... they will drain you. In other words:

"Keep those squares up out ya circle!'

- Rocko

Their Tropical Rainforest!  

If you know me, (which you probably don't, lol) then you know I love being outdoors ( except in the winter).  I love camping, fresh air, walks in the park, motorbikes, water sports, you name it!  

That rainforest was beautiful! Birds just walked around like it was their home ( it was) and didn't move or fly away when they saw people walking by; I loved it. It kind of reminded me of ducks in the road. Those damn ducks take their time and don't rush for anybody, even if you blow the horn at them ( guess whose blown the horn at ducks before). lol  

Oh yeah, did I tell you about the misty air in there! Oh my gosh, it was very tropical, warm and steamy & I was all for it until I felt my hair frizzing up. I left right after the first feel of frizz! 

This is one of my favorite pictures of me! 

It's funny because it sums me up!

- I love tight fitting 3/4 length shirts/jackets ( big arms are hard to hide, uggh).
- I love dresses below the knees ( even though they rise up when I walk).
- I love short boots ( that was by force until I found  knee boots last week to fit my big #TurkeyLegsHamThighs ).
-  I love colorful clothes ( I recently found this new love).
- I love scarves ( you can barely see it in the picture); that comes from me not liking to wear a coat! I believe if you keep your kneck covered up you'll stay warm! 
- I love sunglasses on my head; I RARELY wear them on my face, lol. I buy them just for my head.
- I love red lipstick; it makes me feel like a grown lady! And for some reason it makes my teeth whiter in pictures! 
-  I love my red hair and I definitely love it pinned to one side! I feel sassy when it's on one side! 
-  I love, love, love to show my curves and booty bump! :)  I used to be a little pressed about being bigger than others, but no mas! 
- Lastly, I looooove being outdoors!

Make sure you stop by the Atlanta Botanical Gardens this year before it gets to cold; they have their holiday lights up now. I might just have to go back one more time. I've gone twice for free, within the last three months.... Let's hope I can get that lucky again! I love holiday energy! 

Thanks for stopping by!

... Chrisy Chris...

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  1. You look awesome in everything that you wear...