Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

Celebrated 2 Ways in 2 Days!

(Left) My version of a Curvy Poison Ivy at a Masquerade Ball.
(Right) A last minute, almost-didn't-make-it Bad Bunny!

Did you know I was a crafty girl?

 I'm pretty much a Do-It-Yourself-er in just about EVERYTHING. I'm big on being self-sufficient and will try to do it myself before I pay someone else to do it. Trust me, that's a good and a bad thing. I've had my hair fall out, clownish make-up, wardrobe malfunctions and more. lol. But hey, I've also had a crafty Christmas that I made using vegetable cans and old t-shirts that people absolutely loved! 

Give me scissors and something to cut, and a glue gun with something to glue and I'm happy!

That's exactly what happened when I decided to be Poison Ivy at the #AMysticalEvening Halloween Masquerade Ball.  

Basically I bought a whole bunch of leaves from Dollar Tree, and the 
Thrift store. I had to cut them off the wire ( took a while) and glue them on to the green crop top and skirt set that I selected and had only worn once before. OMG, gluing those leaves on one-by-one took hours! But I put in some old movies, got down on the floor and had a good therapeutic time making my Halloween costume. 

I did half of the skirt on both sides and the entire front of the crop top that used to be long sleeve, but was cut up by Chrisy Scissor hands :) 

But here's the thing, the night I got ready to wear it I decided not to wear the skirt :( It was too heavy and hot! Who knew leaves would be so heavy and hot! Additionally, the skirt was one that I had to constantly tug on because It was almost too short and didn't fit my waist ( I didn't think of that when I decided to use it as my base for the leaves)  I quickly got tired of that. The more I tugged the more I messed up the leaves! So I decided to change into another green skirt. I don't think the pictures did my top any justice :( I got so many compliments and people asking me to make them something similar all night.  Funny thing is though, people thought I was doing this just to be cute for Halloween. No one even guessed I was a modified Poison Ivy. Now, because it was an upscale ball kind-of-event I didn't get too raunchy with my outfit and kind of made it a bit classier than the real poison Ivy. And just maybe If I had worn the skirt with the leaves people would have caught on.

But who cares... I had fun making my costume :) I will definitely do it again but with a little more body showing :) Someone also suggested I try being Jessica Rabbit. I think it's the red hair. Watch out Jessica Rabbit, I may be coming for you next year! :)

I only took a few pics at that event because I was super late and only stayed one hour! My main focus was to make sure it was promoted properly, as I was originally brought on to do just that. The VIP guest thing came later on down the road. 

But hey, fun is fun! and I'm always down for fun!


Big shoutout to Linda with Jo-Sa Entertainment 
( Also from Memphis and the aunt of rapper  Yo-Gotti) 
for having me and friends assist with this event! This was our second time working with her. I definitely look forward to working with her again in the future. 

Us! The team! Zyoness and Tammy ( Curves In the Streets) with Linda. 

I wasn't at that event long, but I did see a music performance and magic tricks, in addition to all of the costumes. I absolutely love Halloween. I think the dressing up part is what I like. Oh, and the partying too. 

How Do You Like Your Bunny's Hunny?

So, I was sitting at home on the day of Halloween and decided I wanted to go out, be sexy, and wear black! So I decided to be a bad bunny. lol. I already had the accessories from 
AudaciousEgo.StoreEnvy.com so putting together something wasn't that hard. I pulled out an old jumpsuit and Bamm! 

I ended up at the U-Bar with a friend who wanted to go there because she had never been before. It was actually pretty boring :( which is odd because it's usually packed!) I guess the parents were out with their kids ( we did go around 9:30).

The stares were pretty cool. I bet I was the biggest, black-bad-bunny they had ever seen before! lol. But I was cool with that. I've learned that when people stare, make it worth their while ( for me that means hold my stomach in and switch a little harder) Hmph!

Thx for stopping by!

... Chrisy Chris...


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  2. I know your switch is a sight to behold...