Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Queen Of Atlanta (Ms. Juicy Baby) Birthday Party

Saturday, January 28, 2017
Tuscany Hills
Douglasville, Georgia

Although it was a Purple and Gold affair, I still went in my #BlogInBlack mode, but with a splash of purple :)

Ok, if you don't know who Ms.Juicy is then you clearly don't watch the Little Women Atlanta show, or the Rickey Smiley for Real show.  She is the "Queen of Atlanta Boo"!

Happy Birthday Ms. Juicy Baby! I'm happy I could celebrate with you! 

Look at the queens cake and chair!!!! 

The whole event was beautiful and tasty! And did I mention unlimited alcohol???...  Let me just say this real quick, I love when I'm invited to her events because she and her staff really show love to ALL of their guests, not just the celebrities. Thank you Ms. Juicy and the Meme Agency!

Now that that's out of the way, check out the spread!

Yummy, right!

The cast from the Little Women Atlanta show came through and had a ball on the dance floor all night long! Now, the night started with a little drama (super funny), but you'll have to wait until they air that episode ( Yes, this was a filmed event)

These ladies were so cool and sexy!...  My Mini Me (Ms. Minnie) was so cuuute and fly (red dress)!  She's definitely one of my fav cast members ( and not because I know her; she's just funny as hell, lol ). 

They had a blast! 

(Left) is music legend, Rahiem from Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five.
(Right) is TU from The Meme Agency, who is Ms. Juicy's PR firm. 

The ladies who made it happen!

 Ms. Juicy and her PR, The Meme Agency!

Special thanks to The Meme Agency for all that they do! No complaints over here!!!!

That's All Folks!

... Chrisy Chris...


  1. That party was on point!!! Where did they get the Doli bed? I want one for my party

  2. Our event could not have gone more smoothly. Huge thanks to the amazing managers from venues in Los Angeles for their consummate professionalism and outstanding hospitality. We look forward to many more years at this lovely place.