Thursday, May 25, 2017

Call In - Radio Interview!

May 25, 2017
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Here's your chance to ask me all of the questions that I won't answer in the DM or inbox because it's not about the coins! 😁

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Beauty and Brains!!!

Career Day at Salem Middle School
May 09, 2017
Lithonia, Georgia

I was asked a few weeks back by a girl that I used to model with ( Hey EB!) to come and talk to her students at the school she teaches at about the importance of beauty AND brains. I was honored that she asked me to come but a little nervous at the same time - nervous about my appearance. I wondered if I should wear business clothes or just be myself. I decided to go in as myself because I felt the kids would relate to my topic better that way. 

But what blew my mind was when the school guidance counselor emailed me to confirm my attendance for CAREER DAY. I was like CAREER DAY!!! OMG, this is something bigger than I thought. I was like wow, I'm really an adult now :) Who would have thought I would be in somebody's middle school for career day... But it happened!!! 

Another thing I was so shocked about was me attending on behalf of my body positive BITR LAMB Experience that I created back in March 2017.  It is a confidence stimulus for women in recovery from Alcohol and Other Drugs, Bullies, Critics, and Abuse. I currently teach 3 groups a week at a rehabilitation center here in Atlanta, Georgia, but I'm definitely going to expand to other areas and cities. 

Initially I talked to the kids about having a voice while in a harmful, abusive, or unfit situation, but after a few minutes into it I realized I NEEDED to talk about marijuana and how it's not as safe as people think it is because it is turning into a man made drug ( bathed in other unnatural substances to boost the high). Those kids really shocked me. A few of them admitted to smoking marijuana, willingly told me about situations there friends have been in, and also asked how they could help. Of course I shared with them the numbers to agencies that could assist in substance abuse and crisis situations. 

In case your'e wondering I have worked in the mental health, addiction and crisis field for several years now and I'm working towards an awesome certification! 

I totally enjoyed that experience and would love to do it more often. I haven't blogged as much because I was actually writing the curriculum for this new experience that I am facilitating, but I won't leave you completely hanging!  I'll get back to it.  

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